Little Swiss Train

Discover the Palais by jumping on board of the Little Swiss Train!

Let the breeze in your hair and the gentle bouncing of the car cuddle you on your way to the next stop. It will let you discover the life of the UN. For its tour of the Palais, it takes you through the world of the UN to discover its precious buildings, the Ariana Park, and its history since the establishment of the League of Nations.

The Little Train was created in 1995 in order to provide a nicer way to let people explore the city and it works with solar panel energy. Therefore, it is not only environment friendly, but the Little Train also makes the visit much easier and fun.
It is a journey that will please both young and old! Do not hesitate to discover this amazing site.

When & Where ?

  • Everywhere in the Parc and the Palais
  • All day