UN Geneva: the way we were

In 1926, an international architectural competition was opened in 1926 with the intention to construct a building that would “allow the organs of the League of Nations to work, to preside and to hold discussions, independently and easily in the calm atmosphere which should prevail when dealing with problems of an international dimension.”
377 projects were submitted, but the jury of architects was unable to reach a final decision. The League then commissioned the 5 architects behind the favourite proposals to work together on a joint project. The foundation stone was laid on 7 September 1929.
Join us on the 7th of October to enjoy the Palais and have a look at the wonderful photo exhibition by Mr. Patrick Jacquet.

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Patrick Jacquet

Mastering photo techniques doesn’t make a good photograph, but, without that, your heart is silent .Patrick Jacquet

Patrick Jacquet is a self-taught photographer enjoying his passion for photography for more than 30 years. Over these decades, he learned and mastered complex photography techniques he’s using as based tools to release his creativity. From hyper macro photography to gigapixel panoramic views, from architecture to sport, from fashion to Fine Art, Patrick is able to play successfully across various domains, coming up with outstanding series being exhibited in International photo festivals. His notoriety starts pointing in the USA where he worked for more than 9 years. His passion is
only limited by spare time he can allocate to it…

When & Where ?

  • Building E, Third floor
  • 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.