Fairy tales for a fairer world

Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Aladdin, the Three Little Pigs, Bamboo Princess … These fairy tale characters have been a part of millions of people’s childhood.
The children’s storybook Fairy Tales for a Fairer World is a collection of these worldwide tales, popular to different regions. They highlight some of the global challenges humanity faces today, including hunger, human rights, discrimination, education, women empowerment, migration and climate change. The stories we know, therefore, don’t follow the traditional route. Rather, they are adapted to fit into the modern day framework.

The book aims to educate the youth as well as adults about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how the United Nations and other international organizations are working together to solve these global challenges. The issues that are weaved into the creative storyline are further explored in more detail in light of the SDGs throughout the book.
At the UN Open Day where the main thread will be to promote the SDGs, Director-General, Michael Møller, of UN Geneva will be there signing the books. A unique chance to meet an influential figure for International Geneva.


  • Library, Building B
  • At the Perception Change Project’s stand: Fairy Tales for a Fairer World